Ergonomics & Classes

Both Drs. Tiltmann and Blum are Certified Associate Ergonomic (CAE) consultants, which they find essential for the workplace demands of their Bay Area clients. All Financial District Chiropractic patients receive an ergonomic assessment as part of the regular treatment protocol. Patients consistently report that the assessment is more in-depth than what they received from their workplace ergonomist.

Individual Ergonomic Evaluation and Consulting

Dr. Tiltmann currently performs 300-400 individual ergonomic worksite evaluations each year. The ergonomic evaluation is performed at the employee's office and is designed for individuals who have active workers' compensation claims or where the company requires significant documentation.

The onsite face-to-face time is 30-60 minutes, depending on complexity. It consists of a brief history, an evaluation of the work area (including desk, computer, keyboard, mouse, phone, office accessories, etc.), a discussion with the employee regarding recommendations, and a full written report. Photos of the workspace are taken before and after the evaluation and recommendations are provided to the employer in an eight-to-ten-page report.

Complete Individual Ergonomic Evaluation: $379 for the first evaluation and $199 for each additional evaluation on the same day.
Companies outside the San Francisco Financial District, please add a travel rate of $99/hour.

Group Truncated Ergonomic Evaluation and Consulting

The Truncated Individual Ergonomic Evaluation is intended for companies that need multiple employees evaluated and where there is no work injury or need for extensive documentation. The Truncated Individual Ergonomic Evaluation is the same as the Complete Individual Ergonomic Evaluation above, without the written report. A recap of each employee's evaluation is provided to the employer, including pre- and post-evaluation photos, as well as any equipment recommendations. Face-to-face time for individual evaluations runs 30-45 minutes.

It is strongly recommended that the employees who are to receive the Truncated Individual Ergonomic Evaluation participate in the Health and Safety Ergonomic Lecture (described below), especially if more than eight employees are to be evaluated. This significantly reduces the amount of time and base information needed during individual evaluations. Face-to-face time for the Truncated Individual Ergonomic Evaluation is about 15-20 minutes if the employee has completed the Ergonomic Lecture.

Truncated Individual Ergonomic Evaluations: $239/hour (two-hour minimum).
Companies outside the San Francisco Financial District, please add a travel rate of $99/hour.

Health and Safety Ergonomic Workshop

This program meets the Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) training requirements required by the State of California. Having an Ergonomic Lecture satisfies the training requirement of the IIPP and educates staff on proper workstation use and injury prevention.

The one-hour presentation addresses:General Ergonomics principles

  • Internet misinformation
  • Ergonomic risk factors
  • Signs and symptoms of poor ergonomics
  • Computer workstation reviews
  • Healthy work habits and practices
  • Actual assessment reviews
  • Question-and-answer session

Health and Safety Ergonomic Lecture: $449.
Full payment is required at least five business days in advance. This deposit is fully refundable up to five business days before the event. No refund is provided for cancellations within five days of the event.

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