Per Visit Fee Structure Price
New patient visit (up to 1 hr.) and ($45/15min after first 1 hr.) $180
Re-evaluation visit (up to 40 min.) $130
Extended treatment visit (up to 40 min.) $130
Regular treatment visit (up to 20 min.) $90
Chiropractic adjustment ONLY visit $45
New patient visit for Failed Low Back Treatment* (2 hours) $450

For more information about Failed Low Back Treatment

Concierge & Medical Tourist Fees* Price
Qualifying Fee (medical case review up to 2 hours) $498
Service Fee (one day 2 x 3 hour sessions) $2599
Retainer Fee (non-refundable with late cancellation) $749
Expert Fee (per 15 min.) (charges not covered above) $90
Telephone Consultation (per 15 min.) $90

For more information about Concierge Service and Medical Tourist

*Payment plans do NOT apply to Failed Back Treatment visits.

Accepted payment methods include: cash, check, Visa or MasterCard

A $100 non-refundable fee is charged to your credit card when booking your NEW PATIENT visit. This fee is applied to your first visit payment, but NOT refunded if cancelling or rescheduling your first appointment. Thank you for your understanding.

Prepayment Plans

FDC offers two prepayment plans that save patients 10% on six visits
Plan#1: New Patient Plan Price Visits Total
initial visit examination and treatment $180 1 $180
follow-up treatment visits $90 4 $360
re-exam and treatment visit $130 1 $130
Total before discount $670
10% discount when payment is collected on the first visit ($67)
Total after discount $599
Plan #2: Existing Patient Plan** Price Visits Total
follow-up treatment visits $90 6 $540
Total before discount $540
10% discount when payment is collected on the first visit ($54)
Total after discount $486

**Does not include 40-minute extended visits for re-evaluation, new conditions, or patient requirement. These visits are an additional $40 when used in conjunction with a regular treatment visit from the prepaid plan, or $130 without the plan.

Unused prepaid treatments will be refunded at $81/unused visit.
Accepted payment methods include: cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.

Extenuating Circumstances

We understand even discounted fees can produce a financial hardship under some circumstances. Please call the office for details to see if your visit might be eligible for special arrangements.


We believe your treatment should be determined by a medical diagnosis, not an insurance policy.

Many patients proactively select health insurance plans that include chiropractic coverage because they recognize the effective health and lifestyle benefits of chiropractic treatment.

What they often don't realize is that chiropractic treatment coverage from their insurance does not include anything beyond the chiropractic adjustment – a move taken by HMOs to save insurance companies millions of dollars. Unfortunately, this cost-cutting measure not focused on patient care has now spread to PPOs (Blue Shield PPO remains the one exception), as many PPOs outsource chiropractic management to third-party HMOs. Essentially, you’re paying PPO premiums, but only receiving HMO coverage. This financial tactic compromises the range of care options covered at in-network chiropractic offices, often omitting coverage for treatment that works best for a specific need. This limitation of treatment options often results in patients enduring pain longer than necessary, as well as paying for more visits to receive less effective treatment.

By arbitrarily deciding to only pay for the chiropractic adjustment, insurance companies attempt to label other services or treatments provided by the chiropractor "included,” which is incorrect. This would be like going to your medical doctor for a broken arm, where they examine your arm, prescribe painkillers, take an X-ray, cast your arm and give you a sling, but the insurance only pays for the exam. They are taking treatment decision options away from medical professionals. Unfortunately, many in-network chiropractic providers now only offer chiropractic adjustments, withholding significantly beneficial treatments because they are not paid for by the insurance company.

This means the patient may not receive treatments and services that could significantly expedite the healing process and pain relief.

At Financial District Chiropractic we believe that a four-pronged treatment approach of rehabilitative exercises, Graston/Active Release Techniques® soft-tissue treatment, chiropractic adjustment and workplace ergonomics provides the most efficient and effective patient care. It results in a faster resolution of symptoms and requires fewer chiropractic visits. It places the needs of the patient before the interests of insurance companies. We feel withholding treatment options simply to meet insurance definitions of care is unproductive and unethical.

Due to this situation, Financial District Chiropractic is in-network with and only accepts Blue Shield PPO copays and deductible.

While we accept all PPOs (on an out-of-network basis), all services are expected to be paid at the time of service by patients as stated in our cost section. At that time, we will electronically submit your insurance claims on your behalf and instruct your insurance company to reimburse you directly.
We appreciate your understanding of our commitment to care above cost, and realize you may have additional questions regarding your specific insurance situation. Please feel free to call us at 415-781-2225 with any questions.

Often employers provide a pre-tax HSA (health savings account) or FSA (flexible spending account) that pays for deductibles and treatment not covered by the insurance. You may actually get better care at a lower cost when using an HSA or FSA than going to an in-network chiropractor.

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