We realize your decision to seek chiropractic care often occurs at a time of great pain or discomfort. We make every effort to see you swiftly so that pain no longer controls your life. Please contact us if you ever have any concerns regarding appointment times or your ability to make your scheduled appointment. We minimize patient wait times by not double-booking appointments. This ensures you receive the full time and attention of your doctor. As a return courtesy, we have 24-hour client cancellation policy and require a credit card to secure your appointment.

Preparing for Your Visit

You should anticipate receiving treatment at your very first visit, unless your condition requires additional testing. Initial appointments typically run a full hour so you can discuss issues in detail with your doctor. You will not feel rushed, as we establish a complete understanding of short-term relief goals, as well as long-term maintenance and prevention plans. During this initial visit, you will receive:

  • a thorough history review
  • a thorough physical exam
  • a differential diagnosis
  • a discussion of all applicable treatment options
  • treatment, unless contraindicated

Patients often report significant relief after the first few visits, but treatment plans vary depending on the severity and complexity of the complaint(s). At FDC, patients are generally treated one to three times a week (depending on severity and chronicity) for two to three weeks and then are re-evaluated.

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Intake Forms

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