McGill Method Assessment Fees* Price
Service Fee (One 3 hour session includes a $500 deposit) $1125
Additional Fees and Charges* Price
McGill 1 Hour Primer $375
Two x 3 Hour Sessions $2250
Written Report Fee $375
Additional In-Office Visits (per 20 min.) $125
Telephone Consultation (per 20 min.) $125
Daily Retainer Fee When Traveling $749
Hourly Travel Fee $99
Facility Fee $200-400

*See fee descriptions below.

Fee Description for McGill Method, Concierge Service & Medical Tourist

McGill Primer: The first hour of the 3-hour McGill Method assessment to determine if you are a good candidate for the full McGill assessment.

Service Fee: For either the: 3-hour McGill Method assessment and coaching or the one day 6-hour McGill Method assessment and coaching. Fees are collected two days before your appointment.

Written Report Fee: A written report of findings will be provided within 2 weeks of your assessment.

Additional In-Office Visits: For patients who want to return to Financial District Chiropractic (FDC) for additional coaching, treatment, and consultation.

Telephone Consultation: For McGill Method patients that have been assessed and would like to speak with Dr. Tiltmann.

Retainer Fee: Concierge Service only. A daily fee that covers expenses for travel, transportation, food, etc. Any unused portion will be refunded within 60 days of completion of the visit.

Travel Fee: This is an hourly fee for active travel time that includes, to and from the airport and air flight time.

Facility Fee: If the examination is performed at a facility or office that charges for its use. This does not apply to assessments performed at Financial District Chiropractic.

All fees are in US dollars.

Regular Chiropractic Visits Price
New Patient Visit (up to 1 hr.) and ($45/15min after first 1 hr.) $190
Re-evaluation or Extended Visit (up to 40 min.) $140
Regular Treatment Visit (up to 20 min.) $90

Prepayment Plans

FDC offers two prepayment plans that save patients 10% on six visits
Plan#1: New Patient Plan Price Visits Total
New Patient Visit (up to 1 hr.) $190 1 $190
Follow-up Treatment Visits $90 4 $360
Re-exam and Treatment Visit $140 1 $140
Total Before Discount $690
10% Discount When Payment is Collected on the First Visit ($69)
Total After Discount $621
Plan #2: Existing Patient Plan** Price Visits Total
Follow-up Treatment Visits $90 6 $540
Total Before Discount $540
10% Discount When Payment is Collected on the First Visit ($54)
Total After Discount $486

**Does not include 40-minute extended visits for re-evaluation, new conditions, or patient requests. These visits are an additional $45 when used in conjunction with a regular treatment visit from the prepaid plan.

Unused prepaid treatments will be refunded at $81/unused visit.
Accepted payment methods include: cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.


Financial District Chiropractic is in-network with Blue Shield PPO. We also accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).

We accept all other PPOs, on an out-of-network basis, and all services are paid at the time of service.

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