As an active adult, it is not unusual for me to sustain various knocks, bruises, even injuries. Regularly playing indoor soccer I’ve torn my calf, MCL, and even suffered a sports hernia. All were acute, painful injuries that fully healed with contemporary approaches such as physical therapy. Not so with my back.

One day, doing deadlifts with my wife (admittedly, with poor form and too much weight), I felt an odd twinge in my lower back. The pain was minimal though I knew enough to stop the activity. Within a couple of days my back started getting sore from even slight activity that never bothered it before.

That was over 2 years ago.

Rest, exercise, coaching and improved weightlifting form, a sports medicine specialist, two bouts of physical therapy, an SI injection, and a variety of other ancillary and home care modalities have led to absolutely no improvement. Things do not really get worse. They certainly do not get better.

Resigned to a life of almost constant back pain my wife discovered Dr. McGill. We read the book and by pure chance discovered Dr. Kai Tiltmann, a certified McGill Method Master Clinician who happened to be opening an office in Denver, about 40 miles from my home. I signed up and met with him just last week (Jan. 2021). I am eternally grateful I did.

Dr. Titlmann showed a level of concern, curiosity, and compassion I have not encountered in a medical experience outside the 20-year relationship I have with my family doctor. His warmth and generosity of spirit made me immediately comfortable with him.

As we dug into the history of my back issue his insight really shined through. I’d share something offhand and he’d quickly see – and share – a perspective relating to the injury I had never considered. His questions were poignant and the way he explained complicated medical biomechanics showed his deep knowledge and his acumen in ‘making the complex, simple’. By the end of the first hour, having spent the entire time discussing my history, I felt I had a keen understanding of my situation beyond anything I’d had before.

The second hour, in which he ran me throug tests, was both thorough and informative. He did an excellent job explaining everything he was doing and being certain I understood the test, its purpose, and his findings.

In the final hour, Dr Tiltmann showed me a wide variety of both generalized and personalized back hygiene practices. He was sure to walk me through and demonstrate everything in a way that built confidence. As I left the appointment I knew I had all the tools I needed to rebuild my comfort – and, in some ways, my life.

My experience with Dr. Tiltmann has provided me a new hope. Resignation has been replaced with optimistic determination and I am certain the knowledge and tools he shared with me will contribute to a fully healed, healthy back in my future. I am deeply grateful for him and the wonderful work he does.

Dr. Tiltmann possesses a mix of ingredients so rare in modern medicine, in my experience – knowledge, wisdom, and authenticity. He is both an excellent practitioner and excellent human being. He absolutely has my highest regard and I would sincerely recommend him to anyone suffering from apparently ‘untreatable’ back problems.