A posture coach encouraged me to read the back mechanic by Prof. Stuart McGill. I discovered my past attempts of healing and recovering from my low back pain was inadequate. I thought when the pain would was almost gone I was healed and I went on with my usual routine. I was picking the scab and not letting it completely heal as I learned this from Dr. Tiltmann and Prof. McGill’s book.

I was seen by Dr. Tiltmann and he spent lengthy amount of time learning about my history of back injury. It was during this intake interview I discovered I really never let it heal completely. Dr. Tiltmann made sure to explore each injury that occurred not just the last injury.

After the detailed history assessment, a full examination followed by Dr. Tiltmann a Master Clinical Clinician using Prof. McGill’s method. It was during this exam that the pain triggers were exposed and my understanding of the mechanism of my injury was now exposed. Dr. Tiltmann took time to show me how my lumbar spine has 3 levels of instability and how the exercises from other practitioners were creating more problems.

Dr. Tiltmann provided instruction on exercises that would help to heal my back. He demonstrated and made sure I could follow correctly the form and also the methods of safely sitting, standing, and lying down.

I arrived not knowing my lower back pain triggers, but left with a complete understanding of my lower back pain. It has only been a week after the exam. I will continue to follow Dr. Tiltmann/ Prof. McGill’s spine hygiene exercises and walking program. I had a follow up video appointment and Dr. Tiltmann answered all of my questions completely.

I have tried multiple posture coaches, Physcial therapy from the hospital, and training coaches. I lost time doing things I love to do and spending time with my family on activities that was limited by my back. I could only wish I would have found Dr. Tiltmann a year ago! It was the very best money spent and a great value. Get your life back and see Dr. Tiltmann you will not be let down!

Robert 52-year-old male surgical nurse with severe low back pain after picking up a bottle cap off the floor nine months earlier. Multiple treatment attempts did not resolve his underlying problems.