My experience has been remarkable! As Dr. Kai knows I am a corrective exercise specialist/FMS and have been in the fitness industry since 1989. I am TPI level 3 with mentors like Greg Rose and Gray Cook. I have studied under Paul Chek and really thought I was on the leading edge of being I was able to help people who came in with back pain. The problem was I wasn’t able to “fix” my own. Between my husbands knowledge as an ART instructor and mine, I felt like we had exhausted our resources and I was just to live with this pain. Every activity had ended for about the last 5 years. I was extremely active in many outdoor sports and now barely being able to get through my daily activities (working, cooking, sleeping etc.)

Years of competitive gymnastics as a child and then competitive bodybuilding and a stint on the American Gladiators show had taken its toll. My MRI read to me was a sentence to a lifetime of a pain. 2 fractured end plates, severe compressions, annular tears etc. My job is very physical and that now was getting harder and harder to get through each day.

I was constantly searching and came across Stuart’s books and ordered them. I immediately started the big 3. I then found Dr. Kai, who really gave me the answers I had been searching for.

Dr. Kai gave me a full assessment, which I know is necessary to get the appropriate information needed and NO doctors know how to properly assess! He really listened to my history and went over what he saw on the MRI’s. I knew that my pain may have nothing to do with what the image said, but I didn’t know what else it could be.

That is where Dr. Kai really, really helped me. I have known that you need to be mindful of how you move, but not like he described it to me. He said, carry yourself as if you have just had back surgery. That was an eye opener. The year before I had a labral hip repair done, because they said the dysfunctional hip was causing my back pain. In hindsight I was most likely over stretching the Psoas and everything else.

Kai told me to STOP stretching. I hadn’t stretched my hamstrings in a long time, but stop the rest?? It was completely opposite of what I felt my body needed. He was so sure that this would work and I would be pain free if I followed the protocols. I left feeling like I had hope. I did exactly what he prescribed, no more, which is usually my thought process. Day by day I started feeling better.

I am just about 1 year out and I am doing really good. Some days 100% pain free. I was in a lot of pain 24/7. Days that I am sore I know that my mechanics were off and I got lazy, or had a really bad golf swing that day.
Dr. Kai was great. I have given his name out to many people that have been told they need surgery. He has the demeanor and obviously the knowledge to let his patients know that they will get better. There was never a “this might work” attitude. It was you are going to get better and will be fine if you follow this correctly. I trusted him. I don’t trust traditional doctors.

I had seen many of the top people in the country who are functional movement specialist. I traveled all over the place looking for answers. Dr. Kai gave me those answers and I am ever so grateful for his knowledge and professionalism.

My husband and I are looking into doing some of Stuart’s courses. We have just read Crooked by Cathryn Jakobson Ramin. What a GREAT book. It reinforces why your work, works. That it is really, IMO the only way to get better. We encourage all of our clients to read it. It will lead them directly to professionals who understand what they are going through and can help them to get out of their pain.

I am so thoroughly impress with Stuart McGill and grateful for his work.


Jeannine of California 55-year-old female with 2 hamstring injuries in 2007/08 leading to chronic low back pain.