My back is progressing slowly, but still progressing, which is something that I couldn’t say before the assessment. I am doing my best to stay away from my pain triggers, I fail sometimes in moments of carelessness, but for the most part I am staying away from them, which has helped me progress. I perform the Big 3 everyday and have also progressed on to some of the other exercises, I am not able to perform the bridge pain free, I have checked and double-checked my form but still have pain so I have put that on the shelf until a later date. The single leg stand/squat and airplane are coming along nicely and I have progressed to a 19 min. walk without compressive pain building up. Thank you.

Dr. Tiltmann did a thorough examination of my past pain history and provided a comprehensive coaching session to help me move pain free. During the examination Dr. Tiltmann was able to identify my specific pain triggers as well as pinpoint positions that allow me to alleviate the pain that comes with flare-ups.

I was able to learn more about my back and how it functions and why I am experiencing pain. Dr. Tiltmann was also able to help me understand why I can’t do things because of my anatomy that others can pain free (i.e. deep squat, deadlift, Olympic lift, etc.). This understanding has completely changed how I am going to approach training in the future when I am pain free.
Dr. Tiltmann was clear and concise and used terminology that a layperson such as myself could easily understand.

I would definitely recommend an assessment to someone that is suffering chronic low-back pain. Initially I was worried that I would not get the value from an assessment that I was looking for, especially after buying and studying “Back Mechanic”; however after the assessment I realized the things I learned are going to make a huge difference in my recovery, and that it was well worth the cost.

Thanks with regards

Robert of Utah 36-year-old male injured low back lifting logs at work 8 years earlier.