Thank you again for going above and beyond to provide such an amazing service. You were so thorough, kind, and considerate, and I would go as far to say that you changed my life!

Dr. Tiltmann was incredibly accommodating from my first email with him. Even before my appointment, he wrote me an email offering to answer any of my questions about the McGill method. He even offered to have a phone conversation to address any of my concerns. As a clinician he goes above and beyond the efforts of every medical provider I’ve had to date. He reviewed my history, performed a thorough exam, and ended with a coaching session, which included a walk-through of how to do the McGill 3 in addition to other adjunct exercises. He videotaped me doing these movements and reviewed exactly if they were incorrect or correct. He identified my pain triggers as well as positions that alleviated my symptoms by going through a series of tests with me. He identified why my specific anatomy may not be suited for certain exercises and helped me understand what led to my back injury in the first place. All this information was consolidated into an understandable report that I could review after our session. Dr. Tiltmann extended our three-hour appointment to make sure I understood how to perform every movement on the worksheet he provided, and even after ALL that, made sure every single one of my questions was answered. No one has ever made such a huge time investment in my health!

After my experience I believe the McGill assessment is invaluable to chronic back pain sufferers. As an anesthesiology resident I often see patients so quickly turning to surgery for an answer to their suffering, which too often doesn’t solve the root of the problem. I think knowing that providers like Dr. Tiltmann are out there would be a great comfort to these types of patients. I will not hesitate to recommend him for that reason.

Caitlin of California 30-year-old female with a 6-month history of low back pain from deadlifting injury.