I have been doing well since we saw one another and have made leaps and bounds in regard to my back health. Since the assessment, I gained awareness of my movements that triggered my pain. The exercises helped me tremendously with maintaining neutral spine, increase the muscle endurance I needed, and help correct my muscle imbalances.

Dr. Tiltmann provided thorough documentation after the examination and coaching part of my visit, it greatly helped me realize not only my triggers but also areas that were either out of balance and/ or weak.

Dr. Tiltmann showed me some positions without me even knowing at the time that greatly relieved the pain I was having. He was able to answer my questions and concerns in a way that no other Dr. of any sort was able too. He was able to not only identify, but explain MY issue. Every other Dr. would always generalize their opinion. It was the ability of Dr. Tiltmann to understand my pain and my issue that has greatly helped me improve. I found the process I went through with Dr. Tiltmann priceless. My only regret is that I cannot see him more.

Thank you

Blake of Texas 35-year-old male with low back pain since high school.