The exam/history of my back issues was far more thorough than any I had ever experienced. The coaching made me feel empowered to be able to improve, rather than a victim of unchangeable circumstance. Eliciting the pain triggers was performed gently and no more than needed. Dr. Tiltmann’s explanations were very clear and enlightening, as many of the exercises and stretches I was doing to “help” my situation were actually aggravating it. Dr. Tiltmann communicates clearly and answers questions for the layperson helpfully but not condescendingly. I would highly recommend this assessment/protocol. While at first blush it might appear expensive, it is indeed a good value for the very thorough and personalized approach to the road to recovery. This is not for people looking for an instant magic bullet, but if one is willing to employ the protocol, improvement will follow! As a bonus, Dr. Tiltmann has a very pleasant bedside manner, which is really nice for people in pain.

Best regards

Dana of California 56-year-old female sustained a low back injured in a car accident 16 years ago.