Hello Dr. Tiltmann,

It has been about three months since our appointment and I can happily say that my condition is about 70% improved and I have had no major flare ups since. I have also been able to stop taking NSAIDs and Tylenol, which is amazing after having been taking them regularly for so long. I do sometimes feel a bit of tightness in the left leg, and I am still very careful about every movement I make. It is not near the as tender as it once was however. I have been diligently doing the big 3 every single day and am now beginning to incorporate some of the other recommended exercises. I will continue practicing excellent spine hygiene every day. It is already almost second nature to properly squat, sit, stand and walk. To answer the questions from the e-mail.

1) Did you receive a thorough history, examination and coaching session, which were later provided in report form?

– Yes. I recently re-read the report and feel that it was an accurate assessment. I have also re-watched the videos of the exercises to make sure my form has remained perfect.

2) Was Dr. Tiltmann able to elicit your pain triggers as well as positions that alleviate the symptoms?

– Yes. I feel I got a better understanding of which motions and positions triggered my symptoms.

3) Did Dr. Tiltmann provide a better understanding of your back condition, how it became symptomatic, how to avoid aggravating it, and guide you on your path to recovery?

– Yes. This was the most helpful part. I have read Back Mechanic and I felt it was very helpful to have Dr. Tiltmann do the assessment. I was then able to ask questions on the spot about different triggers and what may be causing a particular symptom. Also I was able to get immediate critique on form for my posture, exercises and walking.

4) Was Dr. Tiltmann able to answer your questions in a way that you understood?

– Yes. He did an excellent job of making some of the more medical jargon easy to understand.

5) Did you find the McGill Method a good value and would you recommend it to family and friends suffering from chronic low back pain?

– Overall yes. I think having a 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year follow up would be beneficial. Could be short sessions to review correct form and function as well as get a few new exercises to incorporate. The final one at 1 year could be a final assessment to gauge progress versus initial visit. That would really be the best possible value. Besides that I wouldn’t change a thing about the assessment itself and information. I have found the spine hygiene information to be incredibly valuable and the demonstrations of proper sitting, standing, walking, squatting. I have gained a whole new perspective of how to move properly. I will definitely recommend this to family and friends with lower back pain.

Thank you

Rich 37-year-old male injured in crossfit training, received a micro discectomy 2 years later, which provided pain relief for 6 weeks. Review is 3 months post McGill Method.