Hi Dr. Tiltmann!

I’m doing well. In mid-August, my sciatic nerve pain disappeared virtually overnight. The herniation must have receded on its own naturally enough to stop pinching the nerve. Since then, I have worked to re-gain some of my endurance standing and walking, and today I feel almost entirely back to normal outside of some stiffness or occasional movement that causes pain.

Meeting with you was incredibly helpful and I would absolutely recommend you to people with chronic low back pain. Although the appointment was expensive out of pocket for me, it was worth every penny. I really appreciated how you took so much time to listen to my full history and help me understand the root cause of my back pain. No one else had been able to do that with me. This really lead to a deeper understanding of my back condition, as well as tools I could deploy around how to move, how to tuck my neck or walk with my pelvic bone tucked up or walk fast with my arms swinging. This made me feel empowered and more in control of pain that had felt extremely out of control for me up until that point. I also learned some core concepts like “No pain no gain does not apply to back pain” and “Pretend like you had virtual back surgery” which became mantras for me and really informed my recovery after that. The written report you provided me after the appointment was also very valuable. You treated me with the utmost respect and true compassion, and I could really sense your passion for this work. You used “plain language” in a way I could understand and kept me laughing throughout my appointment. Thank you for your care.

Be well and enjoy the fall

Lindsay 35-year-old female lifting something incorrectly caused 2 months of low back pain then several months later flared low back after scuba diving and was now suffering from sciatica too. Review is 3 months post McGill Method.