Throughout the last 5 years of suffering back pain I have never received a personalized specific assessment of my back pain. All my visits and attempts at rehabilitation through other PTs and chiropractors in my area always led to short assessments and a blanket assignment of exercises (usually in the form of brochures) to perform. I was tired of spending money on being treated without a specific intervention. After coming across Stuart McGill and reading the “Back Mechanic” I came to understand that all back pain is specific and specific pain requires specific interventions. Reading the “Back Mechanic” was incredibly beneficial and had led me to understand my back better than I had in my previous 5 years. Although the book walks you through an assessment, I still felt that the help of someone who was trained by McGill would leave no doubt in my mind that I was performing things correctly and was on the best route to success in recovering from pain. In search for someone that could help me, I came across Dr. Tiltmann – who was able to provide me exactly that.

First and foremost, Dr. Tiltmann was incredibly genuine in wanting to help me, which was something I was always skeptical of from health professionals due to previous encounters with PTs and orthopedic doctors. Dr. Tiltmann answered every question I had and did not mind going slightly beyond the allotted 3 hours to make sure that I was able to ask questions to thoroughly understand the assessment.

After the thorough examination, he was able to tell me what all my pain triggers were and really emphasized the need to eliminate them. Not “picking the scab” is one of the most crucial points in recovery and Dr. Tiltmann was able to drill that point in. He was also able to demonstrate all the movement patterns that I could incorporate into daily life to not further cause damage.

Dr. Tiltmann is incredibly knowledgeable about chronic back pain and can explain the details very effectively. I highly recommend Dr. Tiltmann to anyone suffering from chronic back pain as it really sets you on your path to recovery. Not only because he has the skill and expertise to assess your pain but also because of his ability to demonstrate a genuine care during the assessment itself. Reading the “Back Mechanic” and seeing Dr. Tiltmann gave me both hope and confidence in the recovery that is to follow.

Riddhish 23 year-old-male with 5 year history of chronic back pain from weight training injuries presents with a large L5/S1 disc extrusion (21mm x 11mm x 20 mm) severely compression the right S1 descending nerve root.