Dr. Tiltmann is a back expert, coach and teammate all rolled into one. I came to Dr. Tiltmann after noticing that folks with surgically repaired backs often end up requiring additional surgery into the future. This is not a pattern I am keen to join. It’s been a week since my McGill Method assessment and I feel confident I have the knowledge/tools to make a full recovery and stay off the operating table.

One thing that stands out is how invested Dr. Tiltmann is in my recovery. Because the assessment is a three hour allotment of time, Dr. Tiltmann is able to listen, diagnose and educate without cutting corners. He listens to every detail of your back history and helps you to understand the mechanics of back issues. I left knowing much more about the various back issues that exist (and those that I have). Knowledge is central to recovery in the McGill Method.

Dr. Tiltmann performs an extensive array of tests to identify your pain triggers as well as positions to alleviate pain. The idea is to establish a knowledge foundation for how we will modify our movements in the future. Dr. Tiltmann was incredibly patient as I sometimes struggled to quantify pain levels. However, I now have a much better understanding of what aggravates my pain and which positions are more comfortable for me. Unfortunately, before the session I was practicing some pain inducing postures in my well-intentioned attempts to heal my back.

Finally, Dr. Tiltmann coaches you through everyday movements and rehabilitation exercises. Some of these moves are foreign and require a bit of practice. Dr. Tiltmann was patient and helped every step of the way. Even going so far as to record me on my phone moving (with his voice over) moving correctly. He worked up an exercise regimen tailored around my specific pain triggers.

I think the McGill Method assessment with Dr. Tiltmann is great value. Back problems are complex and personal, it requires time and effort to get a diagnoses/plan of attack correct. The three hour allotment (while reflected in the price) is necessary, and for this reason good value. Have you ever had a medical professional’s attention for three solid hours? I came to the session with a notebook full of questions but by the time we got to the Q&A at the end, virtually all had been addressed already.

It’s a lot of information for a three hour period. Fortunately, Dr. Tiltmann provides a detailed report of the session for your reference. The videos regarding movement, exercises are helpful to ensure you continue to move correctly once you’ve left the office. And in case you forgot to ask a question or encounter challenges in the real world – a follow up conversation is included. I’m very happy to have worked with Dr. Tiltmann and have already recommended him to family and friends.

Ben 32 year-old-male with 15-year history of intermittent low back pain presents with constant bilateral low back pain, right groin pain, numbness in the left lateral foot including all toes.