I was incredibly impressed with the McGill Method Assessment, in particular the time and care Dr. Tiltmann took in discussing my background and performing the examination. For background, I am a 38 year old male, former professional/university athlete who experienced a major pain episode about three months before the assessment. While I did not have a long history of back pain, I had experienced one other significant pain episode about a year prior. In comparing my MRI (which showed a bulging disc) and performing the hands on examination, Dr. Tiltmann was able to provide me with the most comprehensive assessment of pain triggers and areas of instability I had received. Other doctors I had visited only looked at one aspect of my situation – MRI, response to medication, symptoms, etc. – instead of taking a more comprehensive approach that more specifically identified the root causes. I had a million questions and the structure of the McGill Method assessment, conducted over three hours, allowed me the time to receive answers. As a result, I feel like I have a solid plan towards recovery that is built around the McGill Big Three and other exercises tailored to my specific issues, while understanding movements that would likely cause me pain. I have since recommended the McGill Method Assessment to a close friend suffering for over a year from back pain. This type of assessment – detailed, not rushed, and specifically tailored to the individual patient – is exactly how medical consultations should always be conducted.


Josh Athletic 38 year old male patient with acute onset low back pain with history of sciatica the prior year.