My session with Dr. Kai Tiltmann in December 2018 was paramount to my improvement in back pain symptoms.

Dr. Tiltmann thoroughly took inventory of my back pain history, provided a thorough examination of my pain triggers and included detailed notes about our visit and next steps in a comprehensive report afterwards. Especially helpful were the videos we took during the session that provided physical cues for me to follow in daily movements and the Big 3.

The examination was helpful because when I did a self-assessment at home, I wasn’t exactly sure I was performing it correctly, and Dr. Tiltmann’s clarification and guidance gave me confidence that I was getting the information I needed to evaluate my pain triggers.

The advice he gave me deepened not only my understanding of the causes and mechanisms of my back pain, but also gave me valuable, practical advice on how to adopt movement patterns and recovery exercises that would aid in my recovery.

I felt that my session was extremely helpful and educational and I would certainly recommend. Dr. Tiltmann and the McGill Method to friends and family.


John of California 45-year-old male suffering major low back flare-ups every 4-5 years. His back “went out” after forward bending and rotating.