This was the most thorough examination I have ever received over the course of visiting over 30 other medical professionals including PT, Chiro, Massage, Ortho, Spinal Specialists, Podiatrists etc. The report detailed every aspect of the entire appointment and has been a useful reference throughout the ongoing process.

Dr. Tiltmann identified all of my pain triggers. Before seeing him, I was beginning to finally notice some of them myself, however, he determined even more than I was unaware of. He helped me find positions that alleviated my symptoms in the same way, but finding more than I had found myself. I developed a much better understanding of my specific conditions and the requirements for recovery.

Dr. Tiltmann cleared every sense of confusion about my circumstances that I had developed over the preceding 2 years. He explained thoroughly and logically why I never found relief from every single doctor I had already been to. This in itself was a huge weight off my shoulders and gave me an incredible amount of much needed clarity.

I would recommend it to anyone; even those who just recently had a back-related accident/injury.

Cyrus of New York 21-year-old male with a 2-year history of chronic, severe, low back pain and left side sciatica from injuries sustained while deadlifting and squatting. During the past two years, he received extensive treatment including spinal surgery without reduction or resolution of his symptoms.